Technology set to expand teaching and research

Technology set to expand teaching and research

Curtin University will dedicate a research lab to unleash new 5G industry applications.

The latest 5G network will be available at Curtin University campus-wide as a telecommunications provider-partnership is set to help ramp up research on the cutting-edge technology.

Optus’ first university 5G collaboration is expected to have benefits for teaching, learning and research on campus.

The new technology will allow more devices to connect at once, while also delivering better download and upload speeds and enhanced virtual and immersive teaching and learning experiences.

A Curtin University spokesperson said 5G technology will not replace 4G, but the two networks will work together on campus.

“In simple terms 5G will be able to carry more data than 4G and deliver lower latency,” the spokesperson said.

“The new generation technology will enable faster speeds, greater bandwidth and near real-time connection.

“In a practical sense increased speeds will bring students and staff closer to a seamless experience when dealing with video-based content.”

The on-campus 5G lab for research is expected to provide students and industry partners with opportunities to build skills, problem solving and support real time sensory experiences.

“We will also be looking at a broad range of research projects in key sectors such as health, mining/resources and education,” the spokesperson said.

“Our research will be driven by the problems faced by industry where 5G can assist.

“Initially these will include video analytics, robotics and remote operations.”

Both the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency and Australia’s chief medical offi cer have declared 5G technology safe.