Reserve’s flash new look

Reserve’s flash new look

Ranger Buddy and Mel McVee. Photograph — Richard Polden.

A very colourful new sport’s facility upgrade was inaugurated by the City of Canning at Clifton Park last Friday.

The community and various council members attended the event following a series of speeches, games and a BBQ feast.

The one and half million facility upgrade was part of an investment project by the City of Canning with the aim of bringing the community together and encouraging young people to get involved with the arts and sport.

Member for Jandakot Yaz Mubarakai said it was important for cities and councils to provide these facilities with upgrades to ensure there was an active community build up.

“For the last five years the junior cricket club has grown every year by adding three additional teams,” he said.

“Australia is a sporty nation and we are proud of it, it’s a big part of our culture so it’s important to understand the benefits of active clubs in the community.”

Ranger Buddy, Mel McVee and Yaz Mubarakai (Member for Jandakot).Photograph-Richard Polden.

Canning Vale Senior Footy Club Scott Branch announced that the first female footy team would be starting next year.

The focus wasn’t only on sports but also the completion of a mural was a big part of the Clifton Park upgrade.

Perth Artists Mel McVee and Brenton See painted and brought to life the facilities with colour inspired by the bushlands and native wildlife surrounding the park.

City of Canning mayor Paul Ng said he is thrilled with the upgrade and believes that introducing an arts culture in the community will reduce illegal graffiti across the city.

“It will teach people and the community the importance of the nature surrounding the park, the arts and being active.”

Shirley Briggs, Paulette Reynolds, Jane Brumley and the Friends of Clifton Reserve group were also given awards for their dedicated involvement in the project.