Principal Lee Musumeci awarded

Principal Lee Musumeci awarded

Principal Lee Musumeci
Lee Musumeci with her daughter Sarah.

Challis Community Primary School principal Lee Musumeci has been awarded the Department of Education’s Women of Achievement Award in recognition of “disrupting disadvantage through high quality teaching.”

Ms Musumeci, whose 20 years at Challis have led to a raft of awards including a Public Service Medal in 2020, was quick to acknowledge the staff and community surrounding her office when she took to the podium.

“What I’d like to do is acknowledge the staff,” Ms Musumeci said.

“Although I get the accolades and the recognition which feels very uncomfortable, it’s actually them who turn up for work every day, in some really trying circumstances and believe in what we’re doing and commit fully to what we’re trying to achieve.

“It’s the staff, many of the beautiful ladies who I brought here today to join me and celebrate this wonderful occasion and all the male staff we have back at school and the other ladies who haven’t been able to join us today.

“So it’s all about the staff and them pulling together and believing in what we’re trying to do for the sake of the community.

“They’re the people who I’d really like to highlight.”

“Winning the Director General’s Woman of Achievement Award came as an unexpected surprise and honour.

“It provides a terrific opportunity to shine the light on the tremendous achievements of a committed group of educators who do whatever it takes for the Challis school community.

“While I receive the accolades as the figure head of the school, our success comes from everyone being committed to disrupting disadvantage through high quality teaching every day for every student.”

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