Popular club is very much alive, despite the rumours

Popular club is very much alive, despite the rumours

Herald Avenue Bowls Club members Joy Lewis and Pauline Duncan. Photograph — Richard Polden.

Ignore the rumours that the Herald Avenue Bowls Club is closed.

It is very much open, functional and ready to compete.

Opened in 1980, the Herald Avenue Bowls Club has been operating ever since, winning multiple competitions and receiving a couple of dozen awards.

Even though they have faced some challenges over the years, including having to find money for expensive equipment, the club has managed to sustain itself with members making sure they are keeping the business

There are currently 80 to 100 bowling members that are committed each week to gather, play and enjoy the company of fellow local residents.

If you are looking to join a local club, you can be assured it is business is as usual, with bowls being played on Tuesday nights, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and also on selected Sundays.

On September 29 the club is hosting a BBQ day for all members and they are happy to welcome new ones.

To register and visit the club please call the Herald Avenue Senior Citizens Club on 9231 0990.