Passionate deputy mayor calls it a day

Passionate deputy mayor calls it a day

City of Canning deputy mayor Christine Cunningham is not re-running again this year. Photograph — Richard Polden.

From day one she was happy to sit at the decision-making table of the City of Canning but today she has made the decision to focus on a new chapter and spend quality time with her family.

City of Canning deputy mayor Christine Cunningham is not running again this year but says she would consider coming back for an active political role in the future.

Ms Cunningham remembers her first day at the council as if it were yesterday.

“Everyone who knows me had seen a lifetime where I had marched in the streets, rallied outside of parliaments, joined a wonderful but powerfully ignored political party, written published academic critiques etc,” she said.

“But that was when enough people had voted for me and told me they supported my beliefs and ability to represent them.

“It was the first time in my life, this greenie, loopy-left idealist was finally not shut out of power.”

Ms Cunningham knows that anyone who runs or re-runs must be available and willing to attend multiple evening meetings most weeks of every month of the year.

“This is the barest expectation of a councillor, let alone a deputy mayor and I cannot commit to that anymore,” she said.

Attending citizenship ceremonies was one of Ms Cunningham’s top of the list highlights of her service with the city.

“They aren’t public functions so very few Australians, who are born here, ever get to attend one,” she said.

With new exciting beginnings at her work place at Edith Cowan University, Mrs Cunningham said she is looking forward to not only dedicate time to her research but attend her 14-year old daughter gigs more often.

“My daughter gently chastised me for not attending many of her music concerts in the last year and I’d really like to rectify that,” she said.

“I’m very scared and hopeful about the future.

“That’s because the current leaders of our world are so short sighted, old, stale and frightened.

“On the other hand, young people everywhere are wise beyond their years and wanting to revolt.”

Her last notice of motion to council was scheduled for this month and it calls on the city to support the global strike for climate change on September 20.

“Thank you to the residents and ratepayers of Canning’s beautiful Beeloo Ward.. thank you very much for letting me represent you,” she said.

“Please encourage Indigenous, young non-CIS people, women, disabled and CALD residents to stand up and replace me.”