Playgroup gets messy to help secure future

Playgroup gets messy to help secure future

Luvern Mootham and son Camden Moothan get messy. Photograph – Richard Polden

The Willetton Playgroup got messy over the weekend, but hopes the fun can make a lasting impact on the future of the centre.

The “messy play” event was organised with the aim of getting the word out about the community association, which is run by parents and community members.

Because of this community-run process the association needs ongoing support – not just financially, but in the form of donations, textiles, paints, and everything else you can imagine being part of a very busy playgroup.

Playgroup coordinator Yvette Wong said the event included most of the 90 children who attended over to play sessions, and showed how in-demand the centre is.

“Willetton playgroup is actively involved in the local Canning community with many parents, grandparents, carers and children attending on a weekly basis,” she said.

“We’re not just here as a playgroup, we’re more of a community centre where people get together to talk and all sorts of things.

“Because everyone’s directly involved in the running of the centre, it’s really on us to work well together and produce something that works.”

The messy play event was a culmination of that idea, with kids, infants, parents and family members getting their hands dirty in the name of fun and learning.

The attendees were able to interact with a range of toys, materials, plants, vegetables and more, all aimed at providing a range of colours, textures and shapes for the senses.

Ms Wong said hands-on play was a key component to most of their activities because it was an effective early learning platform, especially when it includes family members.

“We strongly believe that childhood education and experiences gives children the best start to life,” she said.

Anyone interested can contact the Willetton Playgroup Association through their website or Facebook page.