No stopping Taya

No stopping Taya

Indigenous Artist of the Year 2017 Taya Parfitt will be acknowledged in the Young Australian Art Awards for her works The Frog on the Lilypad and My Scream. Photograph — Richard Polden.

By now you may have heard of Taya Parfitt as she continues to accumulate a number of accolades for her talented Aboriginal art works.

The year 11 Southern River College student was acknowledged in the Young Australian Art Awards in 2019, named Indigenous Artist of the Year in 2017 in the Young Australian Art Awards and honoured as a finalist in 2018 for the same award.

Taya is now nominated for the 2020 Young Achiever Awards under the Town of Victoria Park’s Arts and Culture Award.

Although Taya is not aware of her nomination at this stage, her aunt Thomasisha Wareham nominated her as she considers her niece to be inspirational and a role model for indigenous youth.

“I love how Taya stays true to who she is as an artist and the fact that she embraces her Aboriginal background and remains connected to her culture,” she said.

“There are many perceptions and stereotypical views of young indigenous children and very often the accolades in which indigenous youth are achieving within their community is rarely highlighted.

“I think it would be beautiful and inspiring to see a young indigenous woman have a bright set future ahead of her.”