Adopt don’t shop these holidays

Adopt don’t shop these holidays

During the holiday season the Animal Protection Society is encouraging people to adopt not shop.

A local shelter and the state government are asking people to give dogs a second chance by adopting a pet this holiday season.

The state government is asking West Australians to ‘Adopt don’t Shop’ this Christmas to stop puppy farming and reduce the number of unwanted dogs.

It has been estimated that rescue and shelter organisations rehome 3200 dogs a year in Western Australia while local government pounds rehome 1200 dogs a year.

Local Government Minister David Templeman said they received 4754 submissions from dog owners, dog breeders and pet rescue organisations following the Stop Puppy Farming consultation in 2018.

Southern River Animal Protection Society (APS) vice-president Clare Mills said adopting dogs during this festive season is essential for APS and other rescues.

“APS is currently getting bombarded with requests for surrenders with no room to put them, supporting and promoting adopt don’t shop this Christmas will help to relieve the pressure that shelters are currently under,” she said.

“We all need a helping paw with getting the word out there that animals are for life and should be part of your family.”