New weapon to fight fires

New weapon to fight fires

Roleystone Volunteer Fire Brigade president Rod Winstanley and member Sarah Conlin. Photograph – Richard Polden.

A new set of wheels rolled into the Roleystone Volunteer Fire Brigade last weekend marking what is the next generation of fire fighting capabilities for the local volunteers. 

The brigade’s old truck, a 2.4 rural, departed the station for the last time to make room for the new, much bigger and better 3.4 urban truck. 

Captain Aaron Kain said the new truck had been in the replacement plan for many years with the delivery of the new infrastructure moved forward to facilitate the brigade’s needs. 

“This appliance was funded by the emergency services levy and is built for the rural urban interface,” he said. 

“It holds 1000 litres more water than the old appliance and has ample room for the all the equipment we carry now and in the future.” 

The Examiner reported about the brigade’s new truck in October 2003.

The old truck has served the brigade and the wider community for near on 20 years and has seen hundreds of incidents in that time, including the devastating Roleystone-Kelmscott bushfires in February 2011 which destroyed 72 homes. 

Mr Kain said he was thankful for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and the south-east region for their support in supplying the new appliance which would greatly assist the brigade.