Losing locks for charity

Losing locks for charity

Charlotte Pilgrim-Byrne is preparing to cut her hair for a worthy cause. Photograph – Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne.

For many girls with long hair getting a haircut can be a daunting task but for Southern River resident Charlotte Pilgrim-Byrne it was an easy decision to make.

After knowing some people who have battled cancer the nine-year-old John Wollaston student decided she would cut her hair for the Variety charity.

Variety supports children and families facing challenges through sickness or who are living with a disability.

There are many ways for people to get involved with the charity including donating their hair to make wigs for those suffering illness that results in hair loss.

Charlotte said it has been three years since she has had a proper hair cut.

“I’ve had trims over the years but this is the first time it will be short,” she said.

Charlotte’s hair was 34-centimetres and needed to be 35.5-centimetres before it could be cut and made into a wig.

She is set to get her hair cut on September 1.

Charlotte has also raised more than $300 dollars to donate to Variety.

“I’ve got lots of hair to share,” she said.

“I don’t want it to be cut and swept away, I rather someone use it and besides my hair will grow back.”

Variety coordinator Laura Eadie said the organisation appreciated Charlotte’s support.

“It’s great she has given herself some time to fundraising whilst she waits for those last few centimetres of hair to grow,” she said.

“Thank you so much.”

To donate to the cause visit alopecia.everydayhero.com/au/charlotte-p-b.