Local community rallies behind cockatoo shelter

Local community rallies behind cockatoo shelter

A large marri branch fell on a main powerline

The hills community has poured their generosity into the Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre, raising more than eight thousand dollars to deal with storm damage.

The centre was left without water and power when severe weather swept through Perth earlier this month, causing a tree to fall on their main power line.

Volunteers promptly set up a Go Fund Me account, asking for donations to help get the centre back up and running.

Volunteer and Site Coordinator, Kloe Balsley, said times were tough while the power was off, with volunteers carting buckets of water to the aviaries.

“We were without water to all our aviaries, toilets and fridges and freezers. We were lucky enough to have some generators lent to us to save all our dingoes meat, but we still had to pay for fuel to run them,” Ms Balsley said.

Hit with a $7500 bill, Ms Balsley said asking the community for help was the only option for the centre.

“I wasn’t sure how we would go but I knew if I could explain how much trouble we were in people might be willing to help in some way.  Being not for profit and it costing us $250,000 a year to keep the place running, having to pay $7500 was devastating for us.”

It took the wider community just four days to not only reach, but beat that goal, raising close to than eight and a half thousand dollars.

“It is honestly overwhelming for all of us. We already know we have some amazing supporters in the community but to see the donations come in with the messages from people was a great feeling,” Ms Balsley said.

“Everyone here really puts their heart and soul into making sure these birds get a second chance at life and it was such a rewarding experience knowing how much support you have and how much people really care. It restores your faith in humanity.”

Ms Balsley said the funds will go directly towards paying off the electrical bill and the extra money raised will go straight to helping black cockatoos onsite.