Local community rallies behind Clive

Local community rallies behind Clive

Jarrahdale community rallied
Steph Hyde joined about 30 others on Saturday as she rolled her sleeves up to help Clive. Photograph - Aaron Van Rongen.

The Jarrahdale community rallied to help a local man fulfil his dream over the weekend, when some 30 volunteers braved rainy weather to help plant 20 trees in the valley he has been tending to for more than 40 years.

In April, Examiner Newspapers wrote about the tree sanctuary Clive Glands has been cultivating at his property in the hopes of creating a nature reserve for future generations to enjoy.

At the time, Clive, 85, was awaiting delivery of over a dozen trees from around the world and was hoping for some local assistance to finish off his life’s work.

That assistance came early on Saturday morning, when a team of community locals descended on his property to carry out the work.

“You don’t know how surprised I was, people coming down my driveway in waterproofs, wellington boots, with secateurs and shovels, it was like paradise recreated, I loved it,” Clive said.

“It was a bit showery in the morning but 30 people fronted up here, two diggers, a whole multitude of people from around Jarrahdale, from all around here.

“I’ve lived here for 45 years but you don’t believe how people remember you. I had people come who I hadn’t seen for donkey’s years.

“Friends I hadn’t seen for years were popping out of the woodwork and it was a bloody beautiful day,” Clive said, getting emotional as he recounted the day.

“Michelle Rich fronted up and she was in the kitchen cutting sandwiches up and making coffee for everybody, she joined the crowd and was talking and laughing with everybody.

“It was magical, just a wonderful day in my life.

“There is an old saying: he who plants a tree rarely sits under it to enjoy the shade.

“I’m a nature-lover. I’ll never see them grow but hopefully the next generation might be able to see what they’ve grown into.”

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