Horror film sets its roots on Jarrahdale property

Horror film sets its roots on Jarrahdale property

Cast and crew on the set of horror film 3rd Night.

Inspired by true events horror film 3rd Night was shot on location in Jarrahdale at the start of last year.

With its world premiere due for August the film was set to put Jarrahdale on the movie map as it has been selected to screen at FrightFest London, the UK’s largest film festival.

Director, writer, co-producer and editor Adam Graveley said he wanted to capture the true eeriness and horror of the Australian bush.

“Jarrahdale had the perfect mix of serenity and isolation,” he said.

“This was perfect for a horror movie.”

Filmed on a 25-acre orchard property belonging to Jarrahdale resident Tony Trichilo 3rd Night was the terrifying story of newlyweds Jonathan and Megan Reid who move to WA to start their lives together.

The honeymoon is soon over though when their beloved cat Nook goes missing on the first night and they receive threatening notes from the mysterious Watcher setting in motion a series of unnerving and chilling events determined to tear their dream life apart and turn it into a living nightmare.

Mr Graveley said Mr Trichilo gave the crew unprecedented access to all areas of his orchard including the use of his farming equipment and father’s prized 1970 Chrysler Valiant wagon.

“The orchard is beautiful,” he said.

“It is easy to see its attraction away from the hustle and bustle of modern life but the surrounding bushland is wild and dangerous so having access to both meant we could film in one location taking advantage of both settings.”

Mr Graveley said he has had a love for cinema his whole life and was excited 3rd Night was premiering in London.

“It makes all the hard work worth while,” he said.

“It’s an honour and to be able to show our film to an international audience in the heart of London’s West End will put Jarrahdale on the map.”

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