Group shares vision for Jull Street Mall

Group shares vision for Jull Street Mall

A concept design of what Jull Street Mall could look like if it was reopened to traffic.

A local business group has submitted a design of what they would like Jull Street Mall to look like, should it be opened to slow moving traffic as it was prior to 1992. 

Reconnect Jull Street submitted the proposal to the City of Armadale, as part of its bid to highlight the potential for the shopping mall should it be reopened to traffic. 

F45 Armadale manager and head coach Matthew Precious said there is no activity and little pedestrian traffic through the street, largely due to safety concerns. 

“The current mall configuration is a large open pedestrian space with oversized benches, which encourage large groups of people to sit and linger in the mall,” he said. 

Dome Café owner Graeme Hill mimicked Mr Precious’ views and said reconnecting the mall to the rest of Jull Street is the first practical step towards addressing issues of anti-social behaviour, theft, drugs and property damage, which have been reported to business owners on almost a daily basis.

“We have commissioned this draft concept as a suggested vision for the mall however we look forward to working with the City of Armadale on the final design,” Mr Hill said. 

Mayor Henry Zelones said council will be briefed on the group’s proposal and its implications later this month. 

“The workshop will be closed to the public in order to have an open and frank discussion on the proposal and to consider possible requests for further information,” he said. 

“Although the Reconnect Jull Street group is requesting prompt action, in the first instance, the City of Armadale needs to consider a range of elements associated with this proposal. 

“As it stands today, the proposal is also not identified, nor budgeted for in the city’s strategic community plan and the city’s corporate business plan, which both undergo a considered community consultation process.”