Fundraiser to tackle men’s issues

Fundraiser to tackle men’s issues

Organisers Jacob Hammer and Dave Crispin on the golf course Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

In support of beyondblue, an organisation that tackles mental health issues in men, a Byford resident is set to take part in a fundraising event for the charity in March.

Together with Jacob Hammer, Dave Crispin is hosting Golf with Balls, a golf event to address awareness for men’s depression and anxiety and those struggling with life’s hardships and mental challenges and to raise $10,000.

Mr Crispin said he experienced both anxiety and depression after he lost his mother when he was 21, to breast cancer.

He said he has struggled at various times as the years went by but managed to bury it and even denied he was hurting as it was too painful.

“11 years ago my partner of 26 years passed away as well,” he said.

“The painful memories of losing my mother and my partner combined and I was in a world of hurt.”

Mr Crispin said the local community gathered around and supported him helping him through the pain.

He also said events such as Golf with Balls was an opportunity to share and listen to other men talk about their own mental health challenges.

“Fortunately conversations about depression and anxiety are far easier to have today than 10 years ago,” he said.

Mr Crispin said he would love to see people sign up and take part in the Golf with Balls event, which involves golfers taking up the challenge of playing nine holes of golf on the day.

“I am a passionate believer in promoting sound mental health for both males and females,” he said.

“Impacted myself at various stages of my life I was helped by different individuals and organisations so this is my chance to repay the kindness.”

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