From dancer to candidate

From dancer to candidate

One Nation candidate for Jandakot John Murphy.

Former ballroom dancing teacher now One Nation candidate for Jandakot John Murphy says he agrees with multiculturalism, as long as newcomers ‘don’t try and change our culture.’

Mr Murphy has been ballroom dancing since the 1950s and now DJs at a weekly ballroom dancing event for seniors in Mills Park in Beckenham.

He said he put his hand up to run in this year’s state election because he had nothing to lose.

“A lot of people have said to me because of the way I speak and what not I should look at it seriously so they pushed me into it because I’m a member,” he said.

“I might as well take a gamble this late in life, haven’t got much to lose now.”

When asked whether One Nation was xenophobic he said not today.

“I wouldn’t say that today, it’s certainly got a lot stronger and the support has got a lot stronger because people are just not happy with what’s going on today,” he said.

He said multiculturalism was ok but as long as it didn’t impact ‘Australian culture’.

“Multiculturalism is ok as long as they’re prepared to come and live our way,” he said.

“If they’re going to come over here and try and change our ways, no way.”