Floodgates opened

Floodgates opened


A Byford family have been struggling with constant flooding in their home and have been left feeling frustrated after appealing to the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and have not yet received a satisfactory response.

Mother of eight children, Joyce, who does not want her surname published, said together with her husband they thought they were building their dream home.

She said the first few times the house flooded she contacted Collier Homes and was then told to contact the shire.

“After two or three floods and a lot of emails and calls Collier Homes concluded the shire was at fault,” she said.

“The shire should not have approved our home but instead had our home raised.”

Joyce said every time the house floods she has had to rip up the floors and allow everything to dry and then replace items in her home.

She said she has been to see the shire but feels as if no one wants to take on the responsibility of helping her.

“The builder we feel built our home to the required rules,” she said,

“We feel the issue is the clay content and as such the shire should have been more aware of what’s happened.

“We have eight children and until two years ago all eight still lived at home so this problem has put huge stresses on my husband and myself and our family as a whole.

“The only person on all this whom is not at fault is the home owner.

“We just want our home fixed.”

The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale said it was investigating the matter further and would release a statement sometime next week.