Fight for Roe 8 gets nasty

Fight for Roe 8 gets nasty

Protestors clash with police during protests against the Roe 8 development in 2016.

There seems to be no end in sight for ongoing war of words over Roe 8.

The McGowan Labor government brought forward the Metropolitan Region Scheme (Beeliar Wetlands) Bill 2018 last week, which is intended to stop the Roe 8 project for good.

The Bill will remove the Roe 8 road reserve from the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS) and redevelop its zoning to parks and recreation.

State member for Riverton Mike Nahan said he is completely against the Bill and referred to it as an act of vandalism given the McGowan government hasn’t provided an alternative to Roe 8.

“Whether you believe in Roe 8 or not, there is no justification for the Labor Government to excise the land while there is no alternative,” he said.

“That is the task facing the McGowan Government who are trying to stop Roe 8 forever by pushing this Bill through the Parliament with blatant disregard for the proper planning process.”

City of Canning mayor Paul Ng said he understands that the current MRS Roe 8 road reserve is outside the local government.

“It is not possible to determine any environmental impacts that the removal of the Roe 8 road reserve from the MRS will have on the city, “he said.

“The City has not previously carried out an environmental or social impact analysis associated with this proposal.”

The council is yet to consider the Bill but it’s supporting the development of a transport solution through an efficient road network that enhances road safety and minimises environmental impacts throughout the City of Canning.

Dr Nahan said that by playing politics with long-term transport planning, the McGowan Government is condemning our local roads to years of chaos to placate their ‘green friends.’