Fast food outlet concerns local resident

Fast food outlet concerns local resident

The proposed development of a McDonald’s in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale has raised concerns for a Darling Downs resident.

A Darling Downs resident has raised concerns about the development of a McDonald’s in the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale after the council voted in favour of it last month.

Craig Moulton feared the fast food outlet would significantly increase traffic and antisocial behaviour at the Kardan Boulevard intersection where it was set to be located.

At the September 28 council meeting Mr Moulton asked what the shire proposed to do in regards to the sound, light and pollution issues which he believed the building of the McDonald’s would create.

Shire president John Erren said shire officers had noted growth in population and its flow-on effects including additional traffic and catered for this in the structure planning process.

He said the shire had identified the subject site for mixed-use development, which included commercial businesses.

“Working within this current planning framework the proposal officers have recommended that a condition be placed on the planning approval to ensure that lighting from the site will comply with the relevant Australian Standards,” he said.

“The applicant also proposed to construct a two-metre high wall on the eastern boundary of the site to reduce impacts on nearby residential properties.

“In addition landscaping is proposed on all sides of the proposed development, including at the end of the drive through, where tall shrubs are proposed to interrupt headlight beams of vehicles moving through the drive-through and decrease light impacts towards Thomas Road.”

Mr Erren also said a noise assessment conducted complied with the environmental health regulations but noted the Kardan Bouelvard intersection would need to be upgraded in about 2031.

Mr Moulton also asked the shire if McDonald’s would fund and manage the planting of trees and shrubs along the bridle path on the northern side of Thomas Road to reduce the impact of noise and light from their development.

Mr Erren said additional treatment to the north side of Thomas Road was not seen as a requirement for the development of the McDonald’s.

He also said the development would provide commercial services to the growing population of the shire and visitors to the area.