Expo to bring jobs to students

Expo to bring jobs to students

) Students at the inaugural Expo engaged with a variety of future employers.

At the end of this month over 50 organisations from across Australia will come together to help SJ’s high school students and community members explore career opportunities as they navigate the increasingly complex workforce of the future.

A Foundation for Young Australians study found the average high school student in Australia today will hold 17 jobs across five industries over the course of their career, meaning impactful career education is of vital importance.

The Serpentine Jarrahdale Career and Enterprise Expo is back for its second year in 2024 to help showcase career opportunities in the local community for young people across the shire.

The Expo is a collaboration between Byford Secondary College and the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. And this year’s event is supported by local industry leaders Alcoa, Wormall Civil, Smart Stream Technologies, Hitachi, Bendigo Bank and the Peel Chamber of Commerce.

Byford Secondary College principal Paul Jones said the Expo aims to have a more hands-on approach when compared with the traditional jobs fairs of decades past.

With a focus on engagement opportunities and experiences offered by industry, real job and training opportunities on offer, and a program of inspiring speakers, the expo has been designed to provide attendees with tangible takeaways to assist them in their career pathways.

“The local nature of this Expo means that students, community members, business, and industry have a genuine chance to network about opportunities in our local community,” Mr Jones said.

“A really important part of career education is ensuring that students and their families are aware of the many very real opportunities available, particularly in their local community.

“Our Expo provides the opportunity for our students and community members to engage meaningfully in conversations about genuine training and employment, which is available now.”

A key point of difference for the Careers and Enterprise Expo is the support from industry to bring the event to life.

Alcoa Huntly Mine Manager Emma Grundy said it was important for Alcoa to “support a future workforce in the communities close to our operations, and the Expo provides every opportunity to do so”.

The shire is also taking an active role in bringing the expo to life for the local community.

“Sponsoring the expo showcases our region’s opportunities and keeps young talent local, driving business growth. It’s the perfect platform for employers to connect with job seekers,” shire president Rob Coales said.

The Serpentine Jarrahdale Careers and Enterprise Expo will take place at Byford Secondary College on June 21 and 22.

Attendance is free and more information can be found at www.bopindustries.com/expo2024