Edge of seat loss for Arks

Edge of seat loss for Arks


The Arks came up against the best scrum in the first grade competition with the Nedlands pack winning tight heads and scoring two of their tries with push-overs on the weekend.

The first half went to the visitors with the forwards dominating the play but at half-time coach Chris Jensen was able to redirect the pressure instructing the forwards to clear the ball earlier and let the backs take the ball up.

The final score was Arks 23 to Nedlands 24. In second grade the Arks started their game the way they intended to.

The Nedlands scrum was a strong one and the initial scrum had Arks scratching their heads but once they started moving the ball quickly from the contact area the backs gave a razzle-dazzle display that left Nedlands gasping in their tracks.

The final score was Arks 44 to Nedlands 10.

In the Arks ladies game the final score was Arks 17 to Cottesloe 24.

Once the forwards had secured the ball the backs were able to combine for some spectacular team tries.

Asti Miller was inspired as he had a game-breaking display controlling the game with great direction and control.

It won’t be long before we see him threatening the first’s backline for inclusion there.

It was a much improved performance from the Arks ladies against Cottesloe who were second on the ladder.

Arks scored first from a determined forwards push with number eight Shelly Taka slicing between the Cottesloe defence to score and Santana Waiariki putting the icing on the cake with a difficult conversion.

Cottesloe hit back shortly after that to level the scores but Arks were always in the hunt.
Late in the second half a great break from halfway saw Arks almost score again but the five metre line was mistaken for the try line and the ball was put down too early to Arks dismay and a chance to even the score was lost due to inexperience.