Do you have ‘the voice?’

Do you have ‘the voice?’

Keys, guitarist and vocalist John Fernandez, lead singer Cherri Bonney, drums and vocalist Ian Hill, bass guitarist Lou Filgoni and lead guitarist and vocalist Priam Bacich.

If you are looking to sing live and record a few tracks with local band NChant, now is your chance.

Local five-piece band NChant have been in the industry for more than nine years sining and gigging across the city and they are now looking for a lucky local to sing with the band and get recorded.

The idea of a party night started by seeing lead singer Cherri Bonney and lead guitarist Priam Bacich get on the dance floor with wireless microphones and find people really
getting into singing along with the band.

The satisfaction that came out of this gave the band the idea of building an opportunity for the community to join them and engage in their performance.

Drums and vocalist Ian Hill said audience interaction is the key to participation.

“Live music is under so much pressure to- day and so are the venues trying to keep it as part of their entertainment offering,” he said.

“We have never played at the Gosnells Hotel before and they agreed to the concept
straight away as it gives a talented local the chance to ‘strut their stuff’ in front of a real live audience.”

In order to audition, the band is asking talented locals to record themselves singing along to the classic Mustang Sally considering the song could suit male or female singers.

The party night will have six decades of dance floor hits and the lucky winner will be in the spotlight once it’s their turn to sing Mustang Sally.

Mr Hill also said they chose the track because the lyrics are quite easy and repetitive so the participants won’t have to tax them- selves learning lots of lines.

“It’s their singing we’re keen on hearing but just to be safe we will have the lyrics for them anyway,” he said.

The band said it wants to hear something unique in the way candidates approach the song.

If you have it in you and you are passionate about music you have until Wednesday, Au- gust 14, to apply.

To audition you need to be 18 years old and you can submit through the band’s website on
The party night will be hosted at the Gosnells Hotel on Saturday, August 17, at 8:30pm.