Sergeant Steve’s ready for the challenge

Sergeant Steve’s ready for the challenge

A blood challenge employee with Western Australia Police Sergeant Steve Banks.

Online challenges are quite common but when it comes to a blood challenge, Western Australian Police poured enormous amounts of blood into it as part of the annual Emergency Services blood challenge.

St John Ambulance, the WA Police Force and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) are actively participating on the challenge and are very competitive when it comes to donating.

So far St John Ambulance is holding the record with 302 do- nations, the WA Police has 184 and DFES has 132.

This includes whole blood, plasma or platelets. In total that equates to over 1850 lives saved.

According to Sergeant Steve Banks, last year there was stiff competition between St John Ambulance and the WA Police.

“The total went to St John Ambulance last year and this year it’s our turn to take it back,” he said.

Blood Service spokesperson Louise Rowe said one in three Australians will need blood or blood products at some time but only one in 30 donate.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the response to the challenge so far,” she said.

“The competition has been fierce and we love how all of our emergency service workers are getting behind it.”

There are still six weeks of the challenge left and Ms Rowe thinks it can still be anyone’s win.

“These emergency services workers are heroes on and off the job,” she said.

The challenge started on June 1 and it will be running until August 31 and everyone in the community is welcome to donate and join the emergency ser- vices blood challenge.

Family and friends can donate on behalf of the police force and are encouraged to use social me- dia and mention the Red25 WA Police hash tag.

Red25 group is in charge of this challenge and they give more than 25 per cent of the blood donations in Australia.

To register or donate contact the Red25team or call 1300 886 524.