Council addresses concerns over truck turnaround areas

Council addresses concerns over truck turnaround areas

The end road of Namatjira Way gets flooded on rainy days and it can be difficult for trucks to turn around. Photograph — Aaron Van Rongen.

Local residents living in the surroundings of Namatjira Way said there needs to be a
formal turnaround area, or connecting road, that allows trucks to turn around without disrupting people’s driveways.

With a local reserve surrounding this area, residents said they are concerned with the safety hazard that rubbish and city trucks can pose in the community without having accessibility to an exit road or turnaround.

Despite this a $8000, 100m long concrete footpath was completed following a request
from a local resident living with a disability.

City of Gosnells chief executive Ian Cowie said the pedestrian route is commonly used to access a bus stop on Kenwick Road and to access the local shopping area.

“On May 21, the city notified two residents affected by the path construction and they
did not have any objections,” he said.

“Notification letters were sent two weeks before work began on Monday, June 8.”

However, Mr Cowie said a formal turnaround area, or connecting road, had been
included in 2021/22 budget as part of the city’s five-year capital works program.

“This may be brought forward if a large nearby property is developed sooner,” he said.

“The city is currently assessing a number of similar dead-end streets to determine
if they are suitable to install truck turnaround areas.

“All city vehicles have reversing alarms for safety reasons, even though there is no specific legislation in WA for them to be fitted.

“The new footpath was installed to improve pedestrian access and the city will now
consider a truck turnaround area, along with a potential road extension, as part of future development in Namatjira Way.”