Clifton Reserve change rooms to be upgraded

Clifton Reserve change rooms to be upgraded

An artist’s impression of what the new Clifton Reserve change rooms may look like.

Canning Vale sporting clubs playing at Clifton Reserve will soon have new change rooms after the City of Canning council voted unanimously to support seeking a tender for a $1.4 million development.

The ground which supports up to 930 adults and children from four sporting clubs has up until now used temporary transportable buildings which the city said were not compliant with sporting code requirements.

The city said the new structure would include energy-efficient technology, have storage capacity for and divisions between clubs, be considerate of natural bushland and be partly powered by solar panels.

Councillor Patrick Hall said he had been involved with the Canning Vale Football Club in the past and he was glad the council was able to support its development.

“The city is very fortunate to have such a large, burgeoning club,” he said.

“I think the hundreds of City of Canning residents and families that support this club do finally deserve to have a home.”

Councillor Lindsay Holland said it was a worthwhile project.

“I think it’s the right time,” he said.

“They deserve it, it’s going to serve the greater community.”

In 2012 the Western Australian Football Commission identified the park as one of the most in need of upgraded facilities and in April 2016 the council supported an application to the Department of Sport and Recreation for a $457,000 grant to build permanent change rooms at the park.

The grant was approved and will be claimed by the city in the next financial year for the project.

The city will fund the remaining $942,000 excluding GST for the project.

The city’s chief executive said the permanent facilities would better accommodate for the members of its four major clubs, would allow greater physical activity, promote inclusion of female sports and allow better use of the park by cricket clubs.

All ten councilors voted in support of the motion.

The city will now call for tenders for the development.