By George, he’s done it…for the kids

By George, he’s done it…for the kids


Jarrahdale’s George Parry didn’t set out to go bald on Friday, but after hearing on the radio that it was Canteen’s Bandanna Day, he knew what he had to do.

In solidarity with young people impacted by cancer, the 72-year-old marched into the Champion Barber Shop in Seville Grove and asked for a number one.

“I needed to commemorate the day,” he said, adding that he usually does something to support the battle against cancer each year.

“I’m surrounded by people with cancer – you get to an age where everybody’s suffered from some sort of cancer.”

When George explained the reason for the radical haircut, the barber proclaimed his services would be ‘on the house’.

Bandanna Day is the major annual fundraising and awareness campaign for Canteen, held nationally on the last Friday in October.


The campaign has raised over $35 million since 1994 to help fund support, resources and information for young people impacted by cancer.

Canteen’s goal was to raise $850,000 this Bandanna Day to ensure no young person has to face cancer alone.

Peter Orchard, CEO of Canteen, said Bandanna Day makes a huge contribution to funding on-going research and critical support services provided to thousands of young Australians every year.

“Every year, Australians come together on Bandanna Day to show their support for young people impacted by cancer. Every day more than 63 young people aged between 12 and 25 will face cancer in one way or another. This could be through their own diagnosis or that of a close family member or friend,” Peter said.

“Canteen provides young people with support that helps them explore and deal with their

feelings about cancer and connect with others going through a similar experience. Canteen

also contributes to youth-specific treatment for young people facing their own diagnosis.”