BMX club targeted by vandals

BMX club targeted by vandals

Damage done to the first aid hut.

Byford BMX president Daryl Dawes is disappointed ‘mindless vandals’ have continued to target the club after the old first aid hut was destroyed at the weekend.

Mr Dawes said the club had been preparing to remove the hut and give it to a local business or charity to use but it was vandalised some time between Friday and Monday, leaving it covered in graffiti and holes smashed through walls.

He said it was so badly damaged it would not be feasible to repair and would need to be scrapped.

Mr Dawes said this was not the first time the club or even the hut had been targeted.

“We get targeted more often than I’d like to admit to,” he said.

“We’ve had motorbikes digging up the tracks, we’ve had youths continually break into our commentators tower and we’ve fortified it a bit but now they’re peeling back the outer sheeting to try and break into it.

“It’s very disappointing and it’s just mindless vandalism.”

Mr Dawes said the club was now pushing for CCTV to be installed in the area.

“CCTV may not prevent this from happening but it would give the police something to work with when it does happen,” he said.

The club was also hoping a local business would be able to help with the removal of the old first aid hut.

If anyone is able to assist call Mr Dawes on 0448 358 578.