Apology finally sent to resident

Apology finally sent to resident

Byford resident David Houseman has been fighting for Corbel Lane for eight years. Photograph - Aaron Van Rongen.

Following eight years of back and forth correspondence with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale to complete his subdivision in Corbel Lane work has now been completed and an apology to Byford resident David Houseman has been issued.

On September 11 the shire released a statement apologising to Mr Houseman.

Shire president John Erren said he would like to acknowledge the fact Mr Houseman found the experience of subdividing his property as personally challenging especially while communicating with the shire.

“The shire has now completed the works which were the subject of Mr Houseman’s primary complaint and have also applied a new seal to his laneway,” he said.

“I understand Mr Houseman felt aggrieved and embarrassed through this process and I would like to personally apologise to him for any upset caused.”

Mr Erren thanked Mr Houseman for his continued reasonable approach to what he said was a difficult situation for him.

Some of the issues Mr Houseman had dealt with were brought up at council meetings, including how unkempt the lane was.

At the October 24 council meeting last year Mr Houseman said he gave the shire $20,000 to go towards the cost of a laneway upgrade to Corbel Lane and was informed that his money would not be spent until every single property on Corbel Lane was subdivided.

Mr Houseman previously told The Examiner Corbel Lane had not been swept once since the shire constructed it some years ago.

Mr Houseman also spoke at the July 24 council meeting earlier this year and asked the shire why they had refused to retract a statement Mr Erren made stating he did not accept the shire’s offer with regards to Corbel Lane.

With regards to the apology made by the shire earlier this month Mr Houseman said maybe it was Mr Erren attempting to diffuse a potential sticky situation or perhaps he is making a sincere apology.