All bent out shape

All bent out shape

Liberal candidate for Thornlie Rob Coales has blamed the opposition for defacing one of his election posters.

Liberal candidate for Thornlie Rob Coales had one of his election posted defaced with the words ‘bent cop,’ written on it.

Mr Coales discovered the graffiti on February 14 at 8.30am after he had finished sign waving on Spencer Road near Regency Drive.

“It is an act of desperation from a desperate opposition,” he said.

“Someone who has nothing to offer the public except childish graffiti.”

Mr Coales said graffiti was a significant issue in the area, which he has witnessed first hand as a candidate and as a police officer prior to him standing in the upcoming March 11 state election.

“I am really disappointed,” he said.

“I have served my country overseas and I have served my community as a police officer.

“I am proud of my integrity.”

The Graffiti Vandalism Act 2016, which was proclaimed on October 12 last year, created new offences and penalties for graffiti damage and consolidated other graffiti related offences and powers currently spread across a number of West Australian statutes into one stand-alone act.

Fines can be up to $24,000 including imprisonment for two years.

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