Lachlan nibbles his way to success

Lachlan nibbles his way to success

Lachlan Bolger shares some of his tasty treats with his dog Zappa. Photograph - Richard Polden.

While most 11-year-olds are spending hours upon hours playing video games or mucking around on their phone or an iPad, Lachlan Bolger has his eyes set on other ambitions.

Lachlan honed his entrepreneurial skills earlier this year, starting his own business making and selling dog treats.

Dubbed ‘Nummy Nibbles’, the company is run on Facebook with the help of his Mum and Dad to market, collect the money and deliver the goods to his furry customers in the community.

Lachlan’s parents Rhona and Clay Bolger said he had always had sights on running his own business and being autistic he wants to show other kids on the autism spectrum that anything was possible.

“Lachlan is an amazing young man and we are incredibly proud of him,” the couple said.

“He’s an absolute little go getter and we will continue to support him in any way we can to help him achieve his goals.”

Lachlan said the idea to go into business came from his home schooling lessons about business and enterprise.

The treats come in a range of varieties from bacon clouds to cheesy hearts and all treats are made in house and quality tested by Lachlan’s favourite furry friend Zappa.

At the moment Lachlan only makes dog biscuits but he said he had hoped to expand to other pet treats in the near future.

“My favourite part of my business is when my customers send me photos and videos of their dogs enjoying the Nummy Nibbles,” he said.

“I also donate part of my profits to different animal rescue organisations because I want to help the animals that haven’t found their forever homes yet.”