Young officer is ready for anything

Young officer is ready for anything

New Canning Vale police constable Jayson Navarro. Photograph — Aaron Van Rongen.

A 25-year-old police graduate joined the Canning Vale police station last week and he said he is more than ready for the challenge.

Police constable Jayson Navarro graduated on September 13 and joined the Canning Vale police station team on October 5.

Having spent five days at the station, Officer Navarro said he is loving the friendly and welcoming environment at the station.

However, the young officer has already had to face a challenging task after being called to a suicide case on his very first day.

“My first day was a bit depressing because we had to cover an incident where someone was found dead,” he said.

Officer Navarro and the team had to file a report on the incident, listen to witness statements and eventually wait for the contractors who came to pick up the body.

Acting Senior Sergeant David Minervini said Officer Navarro was very professional and showed a great sense of kindness to the community and family’s needs during the incident.

“We all have different coping mechanisms but during a challenging time Mr Navarro provided a remarkable service to the community,“ he said.

“Our expectations of Officer Navarro is that he grows and learns from his experiences to give the community good police service.”

Officer Navarro was one of 29 men that graduated at the police academy last month.

His idea to join the force started at a very young age when he joined local sporting club which motivated him to help the community.

“Joining the police force gave me that sense of community service that I happened
to enjoy so much,” he said.

He said the police academy challenges aspiring police officers mentally and physically.

“The highlight for me at the academy was the physical side of things,” he said.

Apart from all the theory at the police academy, Officer Navarro had to overcome actual obstacles, jump, run and carry weights to complete different tasks.

Mr Navarro said he is looking forward to the challenge of night shifts.

“The hardest bit will be driving back home when it’s sunrise,” he said.

“I’ve never done that before but I am expecting the night shift tasks will be similar to the day shift.