Wedding delight in top end

Wedding delight in top end

Top End Wedding is a celebration of love, family and belonging.

If you have ever planned a wedding, you will know the stresses that are associated with the experience. 

Add in the fact that you only have 10 days to organise the entire event and most brides and groomsmen would run a mile. 

Top End Wedding explores the journey Ned (Gwilym Lee) and Lauren (Miranda Tapsell) take after a relaxed wedding proposal in their home town in South Australia. 

What follows is a whirlwind expedition to the top end of Australia as the couple, complete with their beloved pooch, get on the first flight to Darwin to meet Lauren’s parents ahead of their pending nuptials.

However, in true Hollywood fashion, not everything goes as swell as the newly-engaged couple would like, as they discover Lauren’s mother Daffy Ford (Ursula Yovich) has gone AWOL and her father Trevor (Huw Higginson) is nursing a broken heart. 

The storyline takes the couple on a wild goose chase through the top end of the country, exploring the breathtaking scenes of Katherine Gorge, Darwin and Kakadu National Park.

Lauren is then asked to “hold on to her munchies, because things are about to get crunchy” when she meets her extended family for the first time in her mother’s home town of the Tiwi Islands. 

Filled with plenty of laugh out loud humour, lovable characters and beautiful landscapes, if this film doesn’t make you want to explore our great north, then I am not sure what will. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

Rated: M 

Distributor: Universal Pictures 

Release date: May 2 

Lauren (Miranda Tapsell, left) goes on a massive journey to find her mother Daffy Ford (Ursula Yovich).