Vet life for Spencer

Vet life for Spencer

Clifton Hills boy Spencer Parrott (right) with participant Rosie Poulson during the camp earlier this year.

For some people it can take a lifetime to figure out what they want to do with their lives but 10-year-old Spencer Parrott already knows the answer. 

Spencer has always wanted to become a veterinarian and a recent camp in New South Wales has fuelled that desire even more. 

He attended the Future Vet Kids Camp over the school holidays after receiving the gift as a Christmas present from his parents. 

The Clifton Hills Primary student learnt pet first aid, participated in a pet CPR lesson and learnt how to bandage animals’ limbs if they had been injured. 

“At the CPR lesson we learned to seal the animal’s mouth shut, position ourselves to seal our mouth over its nose, give two breaths through the nose while looking down over its chest to make sure it rises and then you bend its left elbow back and where its elbow finishes is where the heart is,” he said. 

“Then you put your right hand out and other hand on top in the shape of an X then start 30 compressions to the beat of the song Staying Alive or Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Then you put your hand where their hip would be to check their pulse.” 

Spencer, who was named as an RSPCA WA junior ambassador in 2016, said the camp experience helped to convince him that becoming a veterinarian is definitely what he wants to do in the future. 

“I love going in to see what animals are in the shelter but it does make me feel sad and disappointed with the animals’ previous owners,” he said.