Urban resigns

Urban resigns

Barry Urban has resigned from the Labor Party after weeks of questions surrounding his past.

The Member for Darling Range Barry Urban has resigned from the Labor Party.

Mr Urban made the announcement on November 29 following weeks of questioning after it was revealed he wore medals he was not entitled to at a Remembrance Day event.

In a statement on his Facebook page Mr Urban said he had advised Premier Mark McGowan and the Labor Party of his decision and would make a full statement in parliament today.

“I have also advised the speaker of my intention to resign as a member of the public accounts committee and the joint standing committee of audit,” it said.

However Mr Urban’s statement said he did not intend to step down as Member for Darling Range with suggestions.

Questions arose as to Mr Urban’s background earlier this month after it was discovered he had worn medals he was not entitled to at the Byford Remembrance Day service.

Mr Urban initially said he had incorrectly been sent the wrong one by British authorities, but later admitted he had purchased it online.

His university qualifications were also brought under under scrutiny in recent weeks.

Mr Urban had claimed he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Leeds University and a postgraduate degree in police studies at Portsmouth University, but both institutions have since confirmed he was not listed as a past student on their records.

He disappeared from public life following the revelations, which Mr McGowan claimed was to undergoing stress treatment.

Senior ALP figures met with Mr Urban at his Jarrahdale home last week to discuss his political future.

Mr Urban was elected to the Darling Downs seat in March after defeating the sitting seat holder Tony Simpson by more than 10 per cent.

The Labor Party still comfortably holds control of the Legislative Assembly despite the resignation.