Trip opens students eyes to third world struggles

Trip opens students eyes to third world struggles

John Wollaston Anglican Community School student Taylor Prothero spent much of the school holidays teaching children in Cambodia.

Instead of hitting the shops or chilling on the couch bingeing on Netflix a group of high school students spent the most recent school holidays abroad experiencing life in a third world country.

Five students from John Wollaston Anglican Community School joined 23 students from other schools on the trip of a lifetime to Cambodia to teach the children there basic English through play, one-on-one work and music.

For year 11 student Taylor Prothero it was an experience she will never forget.

“I learnt to appreciate everything more than I already appreciate,” she said.

“I learnt to appreciate the smallest things in life for example a smile or a wave can make a Cambodian’s day.

“This has made me aware that the smallest things in life can occupy the biggest part of your heart.”

The students visited a rural village and sang and danced with the local children and also visited culturally significant sites including the Killing Fields and Angkor Temple.

Having never travelled to Cambodia before Taylor said she would definitely be back soon with family and friends and would recommend it to anyone who was considering a trip to the south east Asian nation.

“The feeling after helping people or making someone’s day sparks a little fire in your heart,” she said.

“The offer to go on this journey is incredible but making your journey and leaving your impact in a third world country is basically indescribable.

“The trip makes you treasure everything so take the opportunity and challenge yourself to go on a pilgrimage to Cambodia.”