Tree damage anger

Tree damage anger

Jarrahdale resident Arthur and Jacinta Squire are furious with the shire after their cars and front fence were damaged by an ant-infested tree. Photograph – Aaron Van Rongen.

A Jarrahdale couple have been left with two badly damaged vehicles and front fence after an ant-infested tree fell on them last month.

Arthur and Jacinta Squire said the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale claimed the tree was on shire land but the couple are angry it has not taken full responsibility for the damages caused.

Mr Squire said the shire has not given them a legitimate reason as to why it would not cover any costs.

“It proves how useless and gutless they are,” he said.

“Telling us they were unaware the tree was full of white ants and at-risk of falling so they aren’t liable proves just this.

“If they can’t maintain their land they shouldn’t have it as they are putting people’s lives and property in danger.”

Mr Squire has urged residents who have trees around their own homes to cut them.

He also said he was extremely disappointed by the lack of help and support from the shire.

“The community deserves better than this,” he said.

The couple received a letter from the shire dated October 3.

The letter stated although the damage sustained was regrettable and unfortunate, a tree growing on council controlled land did not mean the shire was automatically responsible for any damage caused by the tree.

Shire president John Erren said the shire was unable to comment with respect to the ongoing insurance claim lodged by the residents with the shire’s insurer.