Train shutdowns continue

Train shutdowns continue

The PTA and Transperth put on plenty of buses and staff to deal with commuters at Cannington Station on Monday morning. Photograph — Matt Devlin.

The Armadale train line shutdown has been running smoothly following an intensive advertising campaign by the Public Transport Authority.

The line will be shut until July 9, allowing work to occur on the new Stadium Station near the new Burswood Station in Burswood.

The shutdown is the longest in PTA history and prompted it to launch an extensive campaign weeks before to warn passengers to plan ahead.

Rail replacement buses are running but PTA spokesman David Hynes said passengers should allow at least 45 minutes extra time to complete their journey.

On Monday morning at Cannington Station rows of rail replacement buses were lined up but it seemed there was more Transperth staff there than actual passengers.

Some passengers have taken to facebook to vent their frustration that the line was shut during school holidays but the PTA say usage actually drops during these weeks.

The shutdown has made the journey for motorists easier with all level crossings along the line remaining open.

Trains will resume from first service on July 10.

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