There’s just no stopping Ivan

There’s just no stopping Ivan

Ivan Nagel, 13, trains five days a week in preparation for a national triathlon. Photograph — Richard Polden

Thirteen-year-old Ivan Nagel is a year eight student and sports lover who will not only be swimming but also running and cycling for Western Australia in March.

The Rehoboth Christian College student will be going to Queensland to compete against some of the best young athletes at the School Sport Aquathlon and Triathlon National Competition.

Ivan became involved in triathlons three years ago and instantly fell in love.

Even though he has loved running ever since, he was not interested in doing just one sport so he decided to combine it with swimming and cycling.

“I have been competing in triathlon races since I started doing triathlons three seasons ago but this will be my first race at national level,” he said.

When asked who the biggest competitor was for him, Ivan said it was simply the person in front of him.

“That’s all that I focus on when I am in a race, just the
person in front of me,” he said.

“I am the strongest in running and like that part of the triathlon the most.

“I think the swimming is my least favourite and probably the part that I have to work on the most.

“You start a triathlon race with a swim, then you transition to a bike ride and end the race in a running session.”

Ivan is now preparing for the competition by training five days a week, focusing on a different part of the triathlon race