Tanya’s teddy hunt mission is a winner for local kids

Tanya’s teddy hunt mission is a winner for local kids

Twenty-three year old Tanya Terpstra placing a teddy bear on the roof as part of the ‘Bear Hunt’ initiative.

The ‘Bear Hunt’ movement continues to gain momentum, as furry little faces pop up in front gardens and windows across the southern suburbs.

The ‘Bear Hunt’ movement is believed to have originated from the United States as a means of returning a degree of normalcy for children as social distancing measures are enforced to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus (COVID-19).

Twenty-three year old Tanya Terpstra said she felt compelled to take part in the initiative after seeing numerous posts on social media.

“People around the world have started putting bears in their front windows or yards, so families with little children, in self isolation, can go for a walk or hop in their car and go for a bear hunt,” she said.

“I think it’s a great thing for the kids.

“The kids don’t know what is going on and why they cannot do the things they did before.

“I think they need a lot of encouragement and reassurance at a time like this.”

With young nieces and nephews just a few streets away, the Armadale resident said it was comforting to know that her actions would make a difference to members of her community.

Miss Terpstra encouraged the community to get onboard and participate in the initiative for countless young families going on a ‘Bear Hunt’.