$2k reward to find Suka

$2k reward to find Suka

A $2000 reward is on offer for Suka’s safe return.

A Roleystone couple is devastated after returning home on Christmas Day to find their beloved pet dog Suka missing, and they are offering a substantial reward for her safe return.

At 7am on Christmas morning, Amy Williams fed the couple’s three dogs – Zanda, Casa and Suka – at their Churchman Brook Road home, before leaving to celebrate nearby with family.

That was the last time she saw Suka, a gigantic Cane Corso who has been part of their family for more than two years.

Zanda and Casa were still safe at home, which worried Amy, as Casa usually never leaves Suka’s side.

“She is my partner’s dog, she’s a beautiful, gentle giant, she always wants to be near you, she’s very protective,” Amy said.

“I came up here in the morning and fed the three dogs, and when we came home at 8pm she had gone.

“She has never left the property alone or gone adventuring.

“We’ve put flyers up, had a drone up, a lady did a bike ride, friends have driven around – no one has seen anything.”

Desperate to reunite, the couple is offering a $2000 reward for Suka’s safe return, believing she may be found in the area between Araluen Estate, Churchman Brook Dam and south of the Roley Pool Reserve.

Contact Amy 0407867920 or Shannon 0423426866 with any information.