Southern River MLA re-launches chicanes campaign

Southern River MLA re-launches chicanes campaign

Southern River MLA Terry Healy met with Huntingdale residents at Sutherlands Park, earlier this month.

Southern River MLA Terry Healy has once again vowed to replace all speed humps in Huntingdale and surrounds with chicanes.

Since the 2017 state election, Mr Healy has been committed to creating safer, more secure roads across Perth’s south-east.

The campaign has seen him knock on hundreds of doors and ask thousands of questions within the community.

On Sunday, Mr Healy and WA Labor announced a new $475,000 commitment to address the issue.

Back in 2017, the party committed $250,000 for removing speed humps and building chicanes along Gay St in Huntingdale.

“I believe speed humps are noisy and ineffective – most people slow down for speed humps, but the idiots don’t,” Mr Healy said.

“Chicanes with hard, sharp turns will force everyone to slow down.

“They will actually keep all cars to the 50km/hr limit, not cause any damage to cars, and provide a better journey for all.

“I will continue working with the community and the City of Gosnells to build these chicanes, if re-elected.”

Mr Healy wants to start the consultation process later this year, with the design/construction phase to commence in 2022.

“In 2017 when I was elected, I ran a 12-month consultation with local residents in Huntingdale,” he said.

“I am hoping to repeat the same consultation process with residents again, if I’m re-elected as the local member.

“If re-elected, I will begin consulting with my community to choose the best locations for our new chicanes.”

Gosnells mayor David Goode said, “the city has a thorough process to select the most appropriate traffic management treatment for identified traffic issues, on a case-by-case basis.”

“Both chicanes and speed humps are used in different situations and can be effective when used appropriately,” he added.