SJ transport tussle

SJ transport tussle

Member for Darling Range Tony Simpson is concerned about the funding for the proposed Byford station.

Member for Darling Range Tony Simpson said he is appalled the funding for Labor’s proposed Byford station may come out of local residents’ pockets.

Mr Simpson slammed Labor’s plans to allegedly tax residents to fund their transport project known as Metronet ahead of Saturday’s state election.

He said 9.1 per cent of Metronet funding sources has been identified as value capture and developer contributions equating to nearly $26.5 million passed onto the community.

Mr Simpson said this meant private landowners located near the railway line would pay a share of the capital gain they might make on their increased land value resulting from proximity to the train line.

“The opposition has not provided any indication as to which addresses will be affected by this proposed levy or which homeowners will pay,” he said.

“I am deeply concerned that Labor is offering absolutely no details on the funding of the station to Byford.

“It’s totally unacceptable and underhanded to propose taking a portion of money from local home sales, simply due to being in close proximity of a rail line.”


Labor candidate for Darling Range Barry Urban said Darling Range had been neglected for too long by the Barnett government.

He said it was time for a fresh approach to congestion, jobs and health and education.

“A McGowan Labor government has committed to construct Metronet to Byford at a cost of $291 million,” he said.

“This will create 1035 jobs.

“On March 11 the choice will be clear, people can choose another four years with an arrogant and out of touch Liberal government that has sent the state into record debt and deficit, or a McGowan Labor government with a fresh approach to jobs and community infrastructure.”

Labor leader Mark McGowan said Labor’s commitment to preference local suppliers for government-funded projects is expected to generate more than 1700 local jobs, which will reduce congestion and improve road safety.

A spokeswoman from Mr McGowan’s office said there would be no new taxes introduced for the proposed Byford station.

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