Self-confessed crazy cat lady on a mission

Self-confessed crazy cat lady on a mission

Roleystone resident Cathy Billett with her cat Evie. Photograph - Aaron Van Rongen.

A local resident is hoping her expo next month will help cat owners to understand the current cat laws and the importance of keeping their cats indoors. 

Roleystone resident Cathy Billett calls herself ‘the crazy cat lady’ and admits her cats are her whole world. 

She said she felt compelled to organise next month’s free expo as a result of seeing plenty of posts on social media about cats killing or maiming native wildlife and cats annoying their fellow neighbours when out and about at night. 

“Last year there were also instances where cats were killed and placed on their owner’s properties and this was actually my final straw for deciding to create this event,” she said.

“I thought someone needed to create an awareness of our cat laws and also show how easy it is to keep your cats indoors either with or without a cat enclosure.” 

Ms Billett said she hopes the event will educate the community and save the lives of the community’s furry companions and local wildlife.

“There are always people stating in our local Roleystone Facebook groups that they have seen another cat attacking or killing wildlife,” she said. 

“No one likes to hear about loss of life in this way, its distressing for everyone, none more so than our wildlife volunteers who are left to pick up the pieces and care for the ones that have a chance at recovery. 

“This could so easily be avoided by keeping pet cats indoors and it is honestly much easier than people think.” 

The expo will also have information about the current cat laws, microchipping and sterilisation, as well as give attendees the opportunity to connect with pet sitters, veterinarians, animal shelters and cat enclosure companies. 

Cat microchipping will be available on the day at a cost of $35. 

The free event will be held on February 2 from 10am to 3pm at Roleystone Family Centre, 19 Wygonda Road. 

For more information visit the event on Facebook.