School’s colourful rainbow trail takes off

School’s colourful rainbow trail takes off

Rainbow Trail at Forest Lakes Thornlie Family Centre.

Rainbows and more rainbows are lighting the walls of Forest Lakes Thornlie Family Centre as children participated in a new outside the box initiative.

The Rainbow Trail movement is a global phenomenon that was established to promote positivity, hope and togetherness.

With the current health crisis, the Forest Lakes Thornlie Family Centre decided to launch a competition for children in the community to participate, engage and unite from a distance.

Coordinator Kristy Campbell said the idea is to extend community en
gagement with a competition that is uniting people across the globe.

“With everyone being encouraged to stay home, we understand the importance of feeling connected and our competitions are one way to do that,” she said.

“We hope this is an opportunity to teach children to treat people with kindness and empathy, and a way for them to express their creativity in a fun hands-on activity.”

This is the first of three competitions the centre will be running for the next few weeks, and winners will be selected by board members at the end of each competition.

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