School digs up 29-year-old artefacts

School digs up 29-year-old artefacts

Willandra Primary first principal, Peter Alford, regales students with stories from days gone by.

Historical treasures, significant memories and special moments have surfaced at Willandra Primary School.

The school officially opened in 1993.

Last week, on September 6, a time capsule was raised to reveal valued artifacts which were placed in the capsule and buried exactly 29 years ago, on Sept 6, 1994.

Foundation staff members watched on in anticipation as the capsule reached the surface and was opened.

But that excitement suddenly turned to devastation when it was revealed that the artifacts had been damaged by water seeping into the capsule.

But all was not lost.

One of the inaugural staff members worked tirelessly with current staff to restore the valued items, and with great patience uncovered and brought to life the letters, drawings and stories which were the beginning of Willandra Primary School’s journey.

Over its 30-year history, Willandra Primary has grown into a much sought-after school with a positive learning environment, and has revelled in its many scholastic successes.

On November 18, the school will be hosting a 30-year celebration starting at 10am where all past and present members of the Willandra community will come together to share the memories and future aspirations of students and their families.

Photographs – Richard Polden.