Sailing the storm

Sailing the storm


Member for Riverton and WA treasurer Mike Nahan says he is running for a third term because the ‘job isn’t done yet’.

Dr Nahan was first elected to the seat of Riverton in 2008 by less than 100 votes but in 2013 he recorded a 13.6 per cent swing toward the Liberal party in the primary count.

Dr Nahan said he put up his hand again to continue steering the state through the post-mining boom.

“The economy is going through a major transition so I’ve had to, lets say, guide the state through that storm,” he said.

He said there were signs of jobs growth and the state was on track financially.

“We’re coming up, you can see clear signs of improvement, helped by commodity prices coming right up,” he said.

“I think I’m best placed to deal with the fiscal changes of the next government. “I’ve spent a lifetime working on this area.”

Dr Nahan said despite what some may think Roe 8 would be a high vote winner for himself and the Liberal Party.

“It’s overwhelmingly popular through the south metro area, it’s polarising to a small vocal group of people,” he said.

“I guarantee that’s going to be a major vote winner for us.

“That we’ve persisted that we’re building it, that we’ve done it right, we’ve gone through all the checks and balances and the fact that if we get the Perth freight link in the end no cost to the state government.

“The commonwealth pays 80 per cent and we’re going to put a freight levy on.”

He said on the local front he would push for the expansion of the Willetton Basketball Stadium and keep improving Willetton and Rossmoyne Senior High Schools.

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