Road safety in the spotlight

Road safety in the spotlight

Leeming resident and community advocate Bob Taddeo. Photograph - Aaron Van Rongen.

Many residents in Leeming are now demanding answers from the City of Melville and the state government.

The group have been calling for major changes to Farrington Road – between Karel Avenue and Murdoch Drive, in particular – for more than a decade.

On a number of occasions, the residents have pleaded with Main Roads WA to lower the speed limit to 50km/ph.

They have also called for more lighting, speed cushions, and pedestrian crossings in the area.

Leeming resident Con Abbott said the road needed to be revamped as soon as possible, in order to protect both drivers and pedestrians.

“Outcomes are important…to date, there have been zero outcomes,” he said.

“The community met in July 2019…we are now in April 2021, and nothing has been implemented.”

The city has announced several projects dedicated to improving the road, including the installation of speed cushions at roundabouts.

The city also plans to undertake community surveys, traffic/speed monitoring operations, and roadworks at Karel Ave.

Due to increased demand in the construction industry, some of the aforementioned projects have faced minor delays.

The installation of speed cushions was postponed in January 2021, before being delayed another few weeks.

City of Melville chief executive officer Martin Tieleman said they were putting together a revised timeframe for the project.

“With development increasing in outer suburbs and activity increasing within the Murdoch Health Precinct, Farrington Rd has experienced an increase in vehicles per day,” he said.

“Concerns have been raised by the community regarding traffic speeds, crashes, and pedestrian safety.

“The city’s priority is safety for all Farrington Rd users whether they are in a vehicle, on wheels or a pedestrian.

“A number of factors do come into consideration to determine the most appropriate safety measures.”