Resident steps up fight for mill

Resident steps up fight for mill

Rod Croft by the old saw mill in Jarrahdale is fighting for his life’s work. Photograph – Kelly Pilgrim-Bryne.

Martin resident Rod Croft said he is facing the loss of his life’s work after being locked in a legal battle with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale over the old saw mill in Jarrahdale.

Mr Croft has been in court for the past few months trying to resolve the issue, which dates back to 2014.

He has alleged the shire voted to refuse his development application to operate the sawmill three years ago.

“The shire said I did not register the rights to use the site as a business, which was set out in the shire’s planning scheme,” he said.

Mr Croft has defended himself against the allegations and said the shire had now changed the original claim they had sued him for.

“They have changed it to, ‘the breach of registering the rights to use the mill did occur almost 30 years ago’ and I should have known about this,’” he said.

“How could anyone know about this given the recommendation?”

Mr Croft said at the September 22, 2014 council meeting, the authors of the agenda admitted that they knew it was incorrect after they had written the recommendation but they still did it.

Mr Croft said he would continue to fight for the old saw mill.

He also said he was being punished for something he did not do.

“Why am I not able to operate this site?” he said.

Shire president John Erren said the shire was unable to comment at this time as the matter was currently before the Armadale Magistrates Court.

Mr Erren said he hoped for a resolution to the matter after August 17.