A right royal tribute

A right royal tribute

A cake fit for a queen - a rather fitting tribute for the Royal Show.

A Serpentine cake decorator has been crowned victorious after her intricately edible commemoration of the Queen’s jubilee dress wowed judges at this year’s Perth Royal Show.

It has been a wild week for cake decorator and horse lover Maxine McInerney, who’s stunning and elaborate design won the Celebration Cake award.

Maxine also won the Structured and Textured Art category, second place in the Master’s category and Overall Points category.

“I thought back in June, when the celebrations were on for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, I thought, ‘I can create her dress,’” Maxine said.

“When I heard the Queen had died, I thought, do I put it in, do I not put it in, what do I do with it?

“It was judged on the day of her funeral. One lady cried when she saw it, they were so emotional about it.”

The striking happenstance of Maxine’s timing with the momentous events of her majesty’s life events don’t end there, either.

“I was born on the day of her coronation, and my mum remembers them piping through the coronation into the ward at King Edwards hospital, so I’ve always remembered that,” she said.

“A lot of the other entries did beautiful work; it was just the one that everyone hooked onto.”

It isn’t the first time Maxine has won prizes for her cake decorations, having entered her first Royal Show at the age of 21.

“I won every class they had,” Maxine said.

The master decorator, who used to teach cake decorating night classes at Bentley Tafe, has plans to pass on her passion, with local classes hopefully coming up in the shire before Christmas.