Q&A with candidate for Cannington Jesse Jacobs

Q&A with candidate for Cannington Jesse Jacobs


What are the biggest issues facing your electorate and how will you combat them?

Unemployment, underemployment, ice and associated crime.

What is your plan to improve the economy?

Bring manufacturing back to Cannington and Welshpool and make sure retail in our area gets even bigger such as supporting further upgrades of the City Centre at Cecil Avenue.

What major infrastructure projects will you advocate for if elected?

$12 million dollars for Lynwood High School and $60 million for Shelley Bridge widening to six lanes.

How do you plan to address the methamphetamine crisis?

Go after the dealers big and small with an emphasis on smashing the drug triads, greater random checks at workplaces, make using meth a crime, mandatory early intervention and rehabilitation.

What would be your first act if elected?

Help pass an anti-ice and drug-use bill.

What’s your favourite song, book and movie?

Favourite song – The Power of One

Favourite book – The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Favourite movie – Unlimited

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